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Andrew turned professional in 2007 and, throughout his professional playing career, developed a thirst for furthering his knowledge on the subject of golf. In a bid to understand his own swing Andrew then successfully obtained his degree in Professional Golf Studies in 2012 thus awakening his passion for coaching. Far from where he began teaching in his home town of Doncaster, Andrew now forms part of the prestigious Cranfield Golf Academy, owned by the infamous coach himself, Scott Cranfield. He currently teaches at the West London Golf Centre in Northolt, continuing to strive to develop his own coaching skill and style.

Andrew’s personal experience of playing elite level golf teamed with his desire to keep learning about the game and its technological advances provides him with a broad knowledge base and influences his holistic approach, reflected in his coaching.

Knowing that every person has a different physiological and psychological make up, Andrew doesn’t expect all players to have a similar swing and tailors his lessons to the individual’s goals. His philosophy is to build and deliver a bespoke development for each client, rooted by his strong belief in improvement over change.


Andrew has been very lucky to play golf at Elite level, reaching the Challenge Tour in 2005 and winning many professional events.
This experience gives Andrew a unique insight into golf performance, how to get the golf ball in the hole in as fewer shots as possible. Sounds simple right? But the skill aspect of golf is as important as a functional technique and it’s something we rarely practice.

PGA Class A Professional


PGA Class A Professional

Certified Putting Instructor (CPI) Frankly Golf


Certified Putting Instructor (CPI) Frankly Golf

Cranfield Golf Academy Coach


Cranfield Golf Academy Coach

Golf Lessons with Andrew Bradley

Andrew strongly believes in expert knowledge with simple application. We are in an era of measurability within golf coaching, in order to make correct diagnosis we need facts! Therefore Andrew uses both high speed camera technology but also the latest in radar launch monitor tech.

The lessons with Andrew are 1 hour in length, which again allows time for the improvements to sink in. Changing movement pattern is very difficult so great care has to be taken, understanding the change is primary then the movement can be built up into an efficient golf swing. 30 minute lessons can be discussed but 1st lessons are always 1 hour long.

Need some help with your golf? To book a lesson with Andrew simply click the button below, find a convenient timeslot and that’s it! Just wait for a confirmation email and get ready to get your golf on track.

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Absolute Beginner

Absolute Beginner

Never played golf before, do not worry. I can teach you how to play golf in just 4 weeks.



Start with an assessment so I can see where you are at.

One On One Tuition

One On One Tuition

One on one tuition is a great way to hone your skills and develop in the areas where you most need it.

Long Game / Short Game

Long Game / Short Game

Falling short on the fairways or on the greens? Help is at hand!

Performance Review

Performance Review

Strive for a better game. Monitored time phased goals, specific practice routines.

See packages and prices.


Andrew is dedicated to providing the highest standard of factual based coaching and therefore understands that in order to do this he must continually invest in coaching technology.

The Flightscope Xi+ is the latest flightscope product and offers unrivalled accurate data, which helps not only diagnose faults accurately but also quantify improvements.

Flightscope Xi+

The Flightscope Xi+ is the latest flightscope product and offers unrivalled accurate data, which helps not only diagnose faults accurately but also quantify improvements. 

High speed video playback

Full HD slow motion playback slowing every piece of the action. 

Golf Coach App

This interactive app makes analysis and video sharing simple and easy. 


The Basics

Game Assessment


  • 1 hour game assessment
Single Lesson


  • 60 minute individual lesson

Multiple Lessons


  • 5 x 60 minute individual lesson

Performance Packages

Performance Package 1


  • 1 x assessment
  • 2 x 60 minute lessons
  • 3 hole playing lesson
Performance Package 2


  • 1 x assessment
  • 2 x 60 minute lessons
  • 9 hole playing lesson

Performance Package 3


  • 1 x assessment
  • 3 x 60 minute lessons
  • 4 hole playing lesson
  • 9 hole review

Bespoke packages to suit other budgets are available, please contact for details

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Are you struggling to find the perfect gift for your loved one(s)? Look no further…


I provide a range of different golf gift vouchers from 1 lesson (1hr) to 5 lesson packages and also for each of my 3 different performance packages. So, whether they are a seasoned player or completely new to the game, you can give the gift of golf.


Simply click on the link below to purchase, and once processed I will send you a gift voucher to either pop in their card or forward along to your loved one.


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July 2014

by Andrew
Andrew Bradley

Golf Tuition

Does your golf confuse you? Do you need some answers? Using the latest Flightscope 3D radar technology we can find out exactly what is happening to your golf ball……….at impact! The aesthetics of an efficient golf swing change wildly from player to player, the ball can’t see what your swing looks like nor does it care. […]

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